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Identify Areas of Concern.

Know what you need help with before you get a tutor.

In our experience, in a huge variety of tuition settings, many families panic and look for a tutor before they actually sit down and work out what they need help with. Good tutors will always be able to help you find out where you need help and support, but it can save their time (and your money) if you can start this process yourself.

With Get My Grades, you can set and complete assignments across your course to check your understanding in all the key ideas. Then, when you’ve decided you need extra help, you can talk to your tutor about where there have been issues.

Don’t forget – link your tutor to your Get My Grades account so they can see exactly where you need help.

Complete a lot of independent practice.

Practice as much as you can without your tutor to get the best value for money.

Tuition is not magic; the single biggest factor in student success is how hard the student works, whether or not they have extra support. Tutors should be experts at explaining the tricky aspects of a subject, or helping to fine-tune your approach to an exam. You shouldn’t need a tutor just to help you practice.

On Get My Grades you can access over 75,000 practice questions, each with detailed feedback. Complete as much practice as possible before and between getting extra help, so that your tutor can identify where you’re going wrong and plan to support you to the next level.

Is your tutor is a TTA member?

If you’ve decided to get a tutor, check they are a member of The Tutors’ Association (TTA).

Anyone can say they’re a tutor. The Tutors’ Association is the national professional body for private tutors. It’s a hallmark of a professional tutor, who has been DBS checked and signed up to a rigorous code of conduct. With a TTA tutor, you can be sure that you will get professional support from someone who has both strong subject knowledge and knowledge of teaching methods.

Many tuition centres or agencies are members of the TTA as well. Get My Grades is proud to be a member of the TTA and one of our co-founders is even on the board of directors. We are proud to work closely with the tuition sector, as well as schools, to help as many students as possible to achieve their full potential.

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