Get My Grades was an idea that originated from husband and wife team, Sam and John, whilst they were on a stay-cation in Devon in May 2016. John was tutoring full-time and was in very high demand, and between them, they were trying to think of a way to provide his way of teaching, ideas and knowledge to as many students as possible. Sam was heavily pregnant and even though she is extremely creative at managing John’s busy schedule, she needed to make more time for John to be at home; working 7 days a week for the best part of exam season was silly!

So, Sam exclaimed that the idea was simple; they needed to create a website where students can log-in and specify what exam boards and specifications they are sitting. They would then: Learn any missing content they have not yet covered; Revise content in a methodical way, focussing most on the areas they are weakest in; Assess themselves under exam conditions in order to really understand what it is their exam board is awarding marks for; and, Track their progress, constantly being able to see their current grade at the click of a button in all subject, topics and sub-topics.

It was a simple idea on the outside, yet ingenious on the inside. The Get My Grades system will point students towards topics that they are weakest in, it will link with Parents, Tutors, Teachers and Schools to provide an all-encompassing approach to learning. They will only ever be presented with the content they need to learn for their specification, however, they will always be able to navigate to learn all of our content.


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