Why Choose Get My Grades?

Get My Grades has been designed by effective teachers and tutors to provide an online education platform that is truly effective and provides the best possible support to a young person’s education, no matter what the circumstances. There are already a number of things young people or their parents can do to support their education, but all of the existing options have drawbacks:
  • Revision guides or textbooks – These can be useful to learn from, but simply reading through them is not an effective way to revise. Some have questions and even include answers, but the feedback is often limited and, unless students are super-organised, there’s no tracking progress.
  • Online Multiple Choice Quiz sites – These can be easy to guess, poor quality and don’t prepare students effectively for the real exams.
  • BBC Bitesize or similar free online resources – These can be quite good but they either have no questions or only a limited number and they are mostly (or all) multiple choice. There’s no ability to keep track of how you’re getting on.
  • Past Exam PapersPast exam papers are a useful tool, with realistic questions. However, the mark schemes are not very easy for students to use (or even teachers, sometimes!) and there’s no easy way to revise certain topics and not others.
  • Private tuition – Private tuition is the traditional solution for when students need help. However, good tuition is very expensive, costing anything between £20 to £80 per hour and the quality can vary (although there is a professional body, The Tutors’ Association, and member tutors and agencies conform to agreed standards).
This is why we have developed Get My Grades – all of the best features in one, intuitive platform. Get My Grades has been designed by our expert team of education professionals, subject experts and developers to meet your needs for an affordable price. Most people only get one shot at education, so why take the risk of getting it wrong?

Unlike anything else currently available, Get My Grades offers:

  • Interactive Learning Content. Unlike a normal revision guide or textbook, our content is interactive, with hover-over definitions, links to related content, clear and carefully designed graphics and embedded videos.
  • Goes Further than Your Course. The vast majority of revision materials include only what is on your course and nothing else. This is a mistake – we offer clearly signposted extension material so that you can develop an interest and deeper understanding of the subject and make better-informed choices about what you might like to study in future.
  • Mapped to Your Qualification. Students or teachers can simply select the appropriate specification and have the correct content automatically displayed for you in the right order for your course. Switching specifications is easy, and we even carry across any shared data.
  • Realistic Questions. We have a huge bank of questions of different types, including multiple choice, written answer questions (including essays) and specialist mathematical calculation questions.
  • Detailed Feedback. For each question, students get detailed feedback, including a student-friendly mark scheme and an explanation of the answer and common mistakes.
  • Keep Track of Progress. We keep track of what you have covered, and what is left to go. We also keep track of how well you do in each individual area – so you can see exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are and focus on the right areas.
  • Keep Everyone Informed in Real-Time. Students, parents, teachers and tutors can all be linked to the same student so that everyone has exactly the same information about a student’s progress at all times.
Want to know the best bit? This is only the beginning. More features and content are already being designed and developed!

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