Get My Grades is proud to announce that as well as launching with a fantastic edtech solution, we will also offer a price match guarantee to all UK schools! This applies to any comparable education technology product available to UK schools.

The Get My Grades team have been working hard for the website launch in Spring 2018. During this time we have developed the ultimate online learning resource for students, teachers, tutors, and institutions. Get My Grades will enable students to be accountable, informed and have the ability to direct their own learning, ensuring their own academic success.

Get My Grades has been designed with teachers in mind, to reduce their workload and provide them with the tools to enhance their teaching. We know that teaching is a challenging job and this is why Get My Grades includes time-saving features such as setting and reviewing assignments within minutes, automatic collection of data and increasing teacher-student-parent engagement.

As part of our three-year collaboration agreement with the University of Plymouth, we want to continually develop our platform, adapting our service to the latest research studies and with feedback from institutions. We have a holistic approach to education, not just focussed on academic subjects but with plans to incorporate life skills and character education courses alongside our student wellbeing and safeguarding tools.

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