About Us

What is Get My Grades?

Get My Grades is an innovative online learning platform that enables students to learn, revise and assess themselves. It automatically collects data on how students get on in each part of their course, so that parents, teachers and students can track their progress in real time. It provides more meaningful data to everyone whilst reducing teacher workload.

The Get My Grades platform is simple and easy to use – it is based on good teaching practice and the latest research. It even includes clearly signposted extra content that goes beyond the bare minimum of the course to encourage curiosity and help students make informed decisions about which subjects they might want to study in future.

Learning is easy – everyone can do it, and there’s no limit to how much you can learn. You just need the right support. The process is fairly straightforward and Get My Grades can help at every step:

Step 1: Learn
Before anyone learns anything, you need to be exposed to something new. This can be a lesson, video, image or explanation of an unfamiliar idea.

How can Get My Grades help?

Get My Grades has ‘Learn’ pages to cover the content of the subjects we offer. They are carefully designed to explain new ideas in a straightforward way.
Step 2: Revise
To make sure that new ideas are remembered or skills mastered, we need to practise or revise them. Simply re-reading the content does not count as practice – you need to really test yourself.

How can Get My Grades help?

Get My Grades has a large bank of practice questions (not just multiple choice!). Our adaptive learning software ensures students are set questions at the right difficulty level as they practise.
Step 3: Assess
Assessments are used to decide how well a student has understood the content. They can be used to check what students have learnt and what still needs work, or to award qualifications.

How can Get My Grades help?

Get My Grades allows teachers and parents to set custom assessments with any combination of questions from our platform. We also allow students to set themselves an automatically generated assessment.
Step 4: Track
The best teachers and learners will use assessment data to identify which areas need further work and focus their efforts there.

How can Get My Grades help?

Get My Grades makes tracking effortless. We automatically record how well students do in each part of the course so it is clear what has been understood and what needs more work.

Who is making Get My Grades?

Get My Grades has been developed by a team of teachers, developers, subject experts and other professionals. The co-founders, John and Samantha Nichols, thought of the idea a few years ago whilst John was a private tutor with too many clients and too little time. Get My Grades is a way to deliver engaging content in a clear and informative manner whilst also encouraging students to practise effectively – using the same techniques and strategies that are used by the best teachers and tutors. The data collected and presented by the system helps students or teachers establish what has been learnt effectively and to make better decisions about what students should do next to make the most progress. John is also a former teacher and instantly saw the benefit of a system that could automatically collect data, provide learning resources and assess students in schools. So, from the outset, Get My Grades has been designed with the needs of teachers and schools in mind, with contributions from a number of current teachers into both our content and the functions of the platform.

Highly Qualified

Our team of experienced teachers and tutors have worked in a variety of schools and have high level qualifications in both their subjects and in teaching.

Latest Research

We use the latest research in education and neuroscience to inform how we design and structure our ‘Learn’, ‘Revise’ and ‘Assess’ pages.

Experienced Team

Our team has wide-ranging experience working with students at the highest levels of academic performance, all the way down to those that struggle.

Dedicated Educators

Our team are passionate about raising standards in education and Get My Grades was founded to make the best resources available for all.

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