Get My Grades has been designed as the leading tool for students, parents and professional educators. When launched in Spring 2018, it will enable students to access high-quality learning materials and a huge bank of realistic questions. For educators, it reduces workload dramatically by making it easy to set tasks that are automatically differentiated with data on student progress and attainment stored effortlessly.

Here at Get My Grades, we have a good understanding of the whole of the UK education system in all its complexity to make sure the platform serves the needs of teachers in different sorts of schools along with private tutors, agencies and parents. I myself have taught in a challenging school, as part of the Teach First programme, as well as having a number of colleagues that have taught in a wide range of schools including inner-city comprehensives, large academy chains and elite private schools. What we also understand very well is the supplementary education sector – private tutors and tuition agencies of different kinds – that provides additional help and support to students for a whole range of reasons. We are an active member of the professional body for tutors and agencies in the UK, ‘The Tutors’ Association’, and have helped to deliver training events for them.

Tuition agencies and tutors have largely been ignored by existing edtech providers. We are different: Get My Grades is specifically designed to be the perfect tool for tutors and agencies to add significant value to their services at the same time as providing real-time updates to parents and students on progress and attainment, for a very affordable price. For parents, Get My Grades gives your student the opportunities no textbooks or revision guides can offer and complements any additional tuition perfectly. Tutorful, the UK’s leading tuition marketplace, have just written a great go-to list of homework help and revision resources, and we’re delighted that Get My Grades has been included!

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