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Helping you lead your schools to success.

Award-Winning Learning Platform

Have clear intentions for your schools.

The Get My Grades platform allows MATs to oversee and manage every school, core subject, class, and student – all from one place.

We provide you with user-friendly maps of student performance, which you can view by helpful filters such as year group, teacher, and subject. This means you know exactly what support each school needs and can plan how to implement it.

Implement a well-planned curriculum.

Implement a rigorous, well-structured curriculum across your schools’ core subjects. 

Use Get My Grades’ collapsible subject breakdowns to view every concept that needs to be covered in English, maths, and science over the course of the academic year. You can decide in what order concepts should be covered using our curriculum sequence builder, and students sit a formative assessment at the end of each sequence – all online.

See the impact and watch results rise.

Monitor the impact of teaching and learning in your schools in real time using Get My Grades.

Don’t wait until the end of the year to see (and be able to demonstrate) how successfully the curriculum has been delivered across your MAT. Using our automatically generated data, you can see exactly what each school, class or student has covered, when, and how well they have performed.

Take the necessary action to resolve issues early in the year – and watch your schools’ performance improve as a result.

See the Get My Grades Platform in Action...

Get My Grades is now on the crowdfunding site Rocket Fund - click here for more details!

Get My Grades is already highly affordable, but Rocket Fund is a great way to mobilise the whole school community. Give students, teachers and parents access to our cross-curricular platform with online content and realistic questions, without taking a penny from the school budget! For parents, contributing on Rocket Fund is a great way to get access to Get My Grades at a substantial discount compared to buying subscriptions directly.

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