Get My Grades: Research

Learn more effectively thanks to our cutting-edge research.

Help us to help students.

By allowing students you know to take part in our cutting-edge research, you can help us create a platform that is perfect for them. They won’t need to do anything extra – just revise a few specific concepts (at specific times) that they would need to revise for their schoolwork anyway.

We can then use the data they produce, in association with our collaboration with the University of Plymouth, to work out how they learn best and what we can do to make our platform more effective for them.

Participate in Research

For Families

If you are a parent and would like for your son/daughter to participate in one our research studies, please click below.

For Schools

If you are a teacher or school leader and would like for your class or school to participate in one of our research studies, please click below.

How is Get My Grades supported by research?

Get My Grades aims to take into account cutting-edge and well-established research. This enables us to create the best platform to help students learn more effectively.

For years, psychologists and educators have been studying the best ways to remember information. So, what helps? We have put together a list of some of the theories that Get My Grades has implemented in order to make this aim a reality.

Read more about the different theories here.