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Revise: Exam-style questions, matched to concepts.

Track: See when you have covered an idea and how well you have mastered it.

Target and Minimum grades: Set your own goals. Take control of your learning.

Colour-coding: Progress tracking tailored to your goals. Easily see areas that need more work!

Answer explanations: After each question, we don’t just tell you the answer, we explain it in detail.

Get My Grades allows students to self-mark, allows the teacher to see this self-marking and then add their own mark, which the student can then reflect on. The mark schemes are on-screen so that students and teachers can easily access and use the success criteria.

English Teacher

Secondary School

Having access to the Get My Grades Learn Pages means that I can support my daughter in areas that I’m not strong in and track her progress in every subject down to every concept and when she’s at her dad’s there are no more excuses about not having any homework!


Year 10 Pupil

I wish I’d had Get My Grades when I was doing my GCSEs, I’d have done so much better! It’s good because it organises your work for you and it shows you your real results. I’d have been able to really understand my progress and work more effectively on my areas of weakness.


Year 12

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Want to know where your strengths and weaknesses really are?

Our interactive concept pages are broken down into individual concepts so you can easily spot the areas you are strongest or weakest in using our colour-coded system.

Want to revise more effectively?

Our platform will encourage you to revise by practising a wide variety of realistic questions at an appropriate difficulty level for you.

Confused about what to learn?

Our platform will only show you the concepts you need for your course, whilst allowing you to access all of our other pages to really build solid foundations!

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