Our brand new custom assignment builder allows teachers to create their own assignments for students – for homework, classwork or revision – from a range of over 75,000 questions. 

How does it work?

Using their Get My Grades account, teachers can log in and create their own assignment for any core subject: English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. They simply need to choose a name for their new assignment and begin building! 

A unique and rigorous assignment can be created for your students in just four simple steps:

1. Search our concepts to find appropriate questions. 

We have over 1000 concepts with a range of questions of varying difficulty attached to each, meaning that you can easily differentiate assignments depending on the needs of your classes. Simply type in a keyword and relevant concepts will be presented to you in a list. 

Key benefit: You can test multiple different concepts of your choosing in one assignment – without needing to write the questions yourself.

2. Filter by difficulty and question type.

Once you have selected a concept, you will be presented with a list of related questions. You can filter these by difficulty (core, easier, or harder) and/or question type (multiple choice, single word answer, maths calculation, short written, or long written). 

Key benefit: Your students gain experience answering the types of questions they will encounter in real exams – not just multiple choice offered by most learning platforms.

3. Select questions to add to your assignment.

You can preview our rigorous questions in order to see our detailed mark schemes and helpful answer explanations. Then, to select one, you just need to drag it across from the ‘Question Bank’ table to your ‘Assignment Questions’ table. Easy.

Key benefit: See our high-quality questions, as well as their mark schemes/explanations, before you set them and make sure that they are just right for your students.

4. Save your assignment.

Simply press ‘save’ and your assignment will remain on your account (unless you decide to delete it) for use over and over again with any class at any time you choose. Simple!

Key benefit: Find your assignment easily and set it to other classes – or keep it for next year. No need to search for ‘master worksheets’ or rack up a photocopying bill!

How can it help me?

Aside from the key benefits above, our custom assignment builder tool can help teachers in several other ways:

  • There is no need to write your own questions, search the internet for pre-written ones, or print an endless supply of worksheets.
  • You can use assignments to compare the progress of your students at a glance by setting the same assignment at the beginning and end of a topic.
  • Students have access to the help they need: we also have a Learn page for each concept so students don’t have to wait to ask you for help the next day.
  • Students are presented with success criteria after every single question – this means they are learning as they work their way through the assignment, which can help avoid them getting ‘stuck’ and demoralised.
  • Students are given instant initial feedback in the form of answer explanations, which will then be reinforced by your feedback (either remotely or in class).
  • Parents and students can see assignment results on our platform as soon as they are marked.

How can I get this platform?

For more information and access to this excellent tool (as well as all the other great benefits a Get My Grades package brings) contact us for a demonstration and free trial. We offer MIS integration, training webinars and constant support while you implement our platform.

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