What is Get My Grades?

Get My Grades is a specialist e-learning provider which works around the world providing curriculum-aligned content for English, mathematics and sciences. We are recruiting a small team of expert content writers who are interested in helping us to provide world-leading educational resources and improving the life chances of hundreds of thousands of children. The role would be ideal for someone with tuition/teaching experience who is both a subject expert and able to write effective educational content aimed at school-age students.


The role includes:

  • Writing maths or science content pages aligned to specific curriculum requirements that you are provided.
  • Sketch or otherwise provide example images for other members of our team to produce (note: no graphic design skills are required for this role).
  • Reviewing content pages, including your own, and editing as necessary to prepare for digital publication.
  • Writing questions specific to individual concepts/areas of the course, including providing a student-friendly mark scheme and answer explanation.
  • Working with other members of the Get My Grades team on planning and curriculum alignment.
  • Be available to complete a minimum of 8 hours work per week; up to 30 hours.


Candidate requirements:


  • Very strong subject knowledge; content written must be factually correct and in line with the requirements provided. Content produced must be free of errors.
  • Very good attention to detail, with the ability to review and edit your own work in preparation for publication.
  • Clear, professional and accessible writing style, including very good spelling, punctuation and grammar. (you will be provided a Grammarly Pro account for the duration of your contract with us).
  • Awareness of the importance to avoid plagiarism in any form. All content produced must be original work and Get My Grades will own the intellectual property rights to it.
  • For mathematics content writers: Proficiency in using LaTeX mathematics input (highly desirable for science content writers).
  • Tuition, teaching or educational publishing experience in the relevant subject.
  • Experience writing or asking questions in an educational setting (e.g. as a teacher/tutor/mentor).
  • The role is for remote working. Candidates must be able to use their own work-space, laptop/computer, internet access etc. No equipment will be provided. 
  • Once an amount of work and a deadline has been agreed, you may do the work at whatever times you wish, so long as it is 100% complete by the agreed deadline.

Desirable but not essential:

  • Experience as an examiner.
  • Experience of different educational curriculum requirements (either as a student or an educator).



A competitive rate will be paid for contracted blocks of work, expected to be roughly equivalent to £25-40 per hour.

Contracted blocks of work will be expected to be around £400-£1,200.


Application Process:

Step 1 – Apply:

If you are interested, please email [email protected] with your CV and cover letter by Tuesday 9th June.

Step 2 – Task:

If your initial application is successful, we will email you on the morning of Wednesday 10th a brief content writing guide along with a task to write one content page and 5 questions. This should not take more than 1.5-2 hours to complete. It should be returned to us by Thursday 11th June.

Step 3 – Telephone Interview:

If your returned test is successful, we will email candidates by 11am on Friday 12th June to book a brief 30 minute telephone interview later the same day and answer any questions about the role you may have (although please feel free to email any questions as you have them).

Step 4 – Training for Successful Candidates:

Successful candidates will need to attend a remote training session on Monday 15th June from 10am-1pm. After this point, we will provide you with your first batch of work along with discussing deadlines.

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