Safeguarding – A Guide for Young People

Here at Get My Grades, your safety and wellbeing are really important to us. Whether you are using our Platform or contacting us with queries, our staff will always act in the best interests of keeping you safe. We have a dedicated Safeguarding Team who help us to support you. If you are an adult, you can see our Safeguarding – A Guide for Adults page here, too.  

What Is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is any action taken to protect you from harm, whilst supporting your wellbeing and welfare. We will always safeguard you and all young people we have contact with. We safeguard you because we care about your wellbeing.  

How Do We Safeguard Young People?

We safeguard young people who contact us or use our services in a number of ways.
  • We have a dedicated safeguarding team who are trained to support you and protect your welfare.
  • Our safeguarding team train all of our staff to be able to support you and protect your welfare.
  • If our staff have any concerns about your safety or welfare, they will confidentially let our safeguarding team know, who will look at the best way to support you.

Who Are We Going To Tell If We’re Concerned?

If we have genuine concerns for your safety or welfare we may need to seek advice on how to best support you, which could mean contacting other services. We cannot promise to keep anything a secret when it concerns your safety, but only because we care about your wellbeing.