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Award-Winning Learning Platform

Keep them on track.

Using Get My Grades home, students will be able to:

  • Learn the content they are missing in school for English, Maths and Science, using our clear online textbook pages.
  • Revise what they have learnt, using our bank of thousands of different assessment questions.
  • Assess their own understanding using our student-friendly mark schemes and detailed answer explanations.
  • Track their progress using our colour-coded subject maps, showing them their specific strengths and weaknesses.

Teachers and parents can support remotely.

From school, home or work, teachers and parents can use Get My Grades to:

  • Set work for students by choosing the content they need to revise.
  • Monitor activity by viewing students’ completed assignments, including seeing their exact answers and how long they spent on each question.
  • Give feedback by leaving comments and tips on completed assignments.
  • Track students’ progress using our colour-coded subject maps, which show the students’ specific strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t worry – we have everything you need.

All the learning content on our platform has been mapped to the major UK exam boards so that parents and students alike have access to all the relevant resources they need.

This way, parents can use all the same content that students and teachers do, meaning that they can still assist their child even if they aren’t a subject specialist themselves. 

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