Get My Grades has been selected to be a participant of the latest EDUCATE cohort.

But what is EDUCATE programme?

Led by the UCL Insitute of Education, EDUCATE is a unique programme that connects Ed Tech entrepreneurs, practitioners and researchers, and uses world-class research to inspire the design of high-quality learning products and services. It enables entrepreneurs and start-ups like ours to develop and grow, creating world-class products and services that work, are effective and fit for purpose. EDUCATE links educational technologists with researchers, learners, educators, mentors and experts in business and product development. It is a £4.5 million programme part funded until 2020 by the European Regional Development Fund and its partner organisations; UCL Insitute of Education, UCL Engineering, Nesta, BESA, and F6s.

Being part of the EDUCATE programme has expanded the fields of expertise that brings you Get My Grades. Now, not only have we had input from world-leading psychologists at the University of Plymouth and our own in-house research team, but we have also talked to educational researchers at the IOE. With all this input we’re on the right track to provide a truly amazing research-based learning experience.

We are looking forward to continuing our journey through the EDUCATE programme.

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