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Take control of your learning.

Get My Grades puts you in charge of your own learning.

Our platform provides you with the course content for the three core subjects all in one place and thousands of realistic exam questions to test your knowledge.

You can revise concepts in any order you choose, so that you can focus on the parts of the course where you need to improve the most.


Find out what examiners are looking for.

Get My Grades lets you in on the examiner’s secrets.

Every time you complete a practice question on our platform, you’ll be given your own mark scheme and detailed answer explanation so that you can assess your work.

This means no more lost marks because you aren’t sure what is expected.

Our instant feedback allows you to think like an examiner and make sure your answers are the best they can be.

Feel confident about your exams.

Get My Grades lets you walk into your exams feeling confident.

You can make sure that you haven’t missed a single thing you need to know by reading our helpful Learn pages, completing our exam-style Revise assignments, and receiving instant feedback about how you’ve done. 

You can even set a target grade and our colour-coded map will let you know whether you are on track to achieve it, meaning that there are no surprises when it comes to the real exam.

How Does Get My Grades Work?

All the content on your course.


Realistic exam-style questions for you to practise.

Your strengths and weaknesses tracked for each part of the course.