Here at Get My Grades, we believe that everyone should have access to a high-quality education. We also understand that for some students with additional needs, it can be hard to access that in the same way as their peers. The Get My Grades platform includes a number of features which have been designed to help all students, including those with additional needs.

In this blog series, we will be taking a deeper look into the different platform features, our future developments and other third-party programmes you can use to make Get My Grades more accessible for all.

Site-wide Features:

ABeeZee Font

This Google font (which is free to download and use for personal use) is designed to support the way children learn to read and write. It has differentiated letters (e.g. the capital ‘I’ and lowercase ‘l’ are clearly differentiated by a flick on the ‘l’) to help those who confuse letters that are similar in shape.

Free Adult Accounts

Only student accounts on Get My Grades require a subscription. This means that any adults who may be working with a student can have an account and keep up to date with their progress. This may be additional guardians or family members, tutors, or teachers (if their school is using Get My Grades). Not only can these adults set and review work for students, but they can leave feedback on questions and also view learning content themselves if they wish so they can fully understand what a student needs to learn.

Outstanding and Completed Assignments

Students and the adults linked to their accounts can see all of their outstanding and completed assignments. Outstanding assignments change colour as they approach the due date to clearly indicate that they are due soon. This means that if students struggle to remember work or struggle to communicate what they have been doing, adults are able to view their work and support them with this.

Automatic Tracking

When Learn or Revise assignments are set for a student, adults linked to their account can see when they complete them and override marks if needed. Scores and grades instantly update, so even if students struggle to understand or communicate how they are doing, this is easily shown on the platform.

A Transferrable Curriculum

Get My Grades has been written by teachers and is designed to cover granular concepts that can be easily linked to any qualification. Their qualification is not tied to their year group either. If a student is in Year 9, but they need to study the Year 7 Maths qualification, they can. Selecting a different qualification will show the content they need to learn at that level, but they can also see all of our content by toggling to ‘All Qualifications’ from their Subject Breakdown. The qualification can be changed at any time so that if a student is improving quickly, they can easily switch to a new qualification and all of their current progress will go with them!

Minimum and Target Grades

We know that many students strive to achieve top grades in their exams, and this should always be celebrated. However, it’s also important that students can aim for their best potential, whatever those grades may be. Students can be set a minimum grade of the lowest grade they’d like to achieve and a target to aim for. As time passes these grades can be updated and all progress will be saved.

Clear Indications of Strengths and Weaknesses

Not only do students see a percentage score and a grade for their subjects, but these continue right down to the granular concept level. Each score is coloured with traffic-light colour coding which shows red when students are below their minimum grade, amber when they are achieving above their minimum grade but below their target, and green when they are at or above their target grade. This allows students and those supporting them to see exactly where they need more practice and support.

Suggested Assignments

Sometimes it can be hard for students to know what to study next. Get My Grades will suggest Learn pages for students to cover next, based on what they’ve been learning. It will also suggest a Revise assignment for them in a topic they need more practice in.

A Get My Grades account gives your child access to:
  • A huge range of resources and online textbook content, arranged into units, topics and subtopics.
  • Over 75,000 practice questions of varying types, like those on exams - not just multiple choice - written by experienced teachers.
  • Instant feedback after each question, with student-friendly mark schemes and explanations.
  • Automated tracking, so that you can see where they are doing well and where they are struggling - which you just can't get from a traditional textbook or revision guide!

Get My Grades subscriptions cost just £9 per student per month, or £75 per student for access for the year - with all our subjects and qualifications included, including many of the most common GCSE and IGCSE courses.

Sign up now to explore the platform - and, to give you a chance to start making the most of Get My Grades, use discount code MONTH1 to get your first month for just £1!

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