Get My Grades uses the 9-1 grading system by default, with 9 being the highest grade. A grade 1 is the lowest grade that can be awarded but, if a student does not get enough marks to be awarded a grade 1 then they receive a ‘U’ (which stands for unclassified). The 9-1 grading system that the Get My Grades platform uses is based on the new grading system for GCSE exams – however, we also use it to grade students in lower years to be consistent. This way, you can compare how well you do from one year to the next.

What Grade is a Pass? What should I set as my Target and Minimum Grade?

Grade 4 is considered to be a ‘Standard Pass’, so we do not recommend that you set a minimum or target grade lower than this. The grade boundary to get a grade 4 is the same as a grade boundary for an old grade ‘C’. A grade 5 is considered to be a ‘Good Pass’, so you should definitely consider setting this as your ‘Minimum Grade’.

A grade 7, 8 or 9 would be equivalent to an A or A*. So setting a grade 7, 8 or 9 as your ‘Target Grade’ would be a great idea!

What if I’m not doing GCSEs just yet?

If you’re not in Year 9-11 yet, don’t worry about the fact that we use the same grading system as GCSE exams – your questions won’t be any more difficult! In fact, GCSEs often assess much of the material you learn in younger year groups anyway. What makes them more challenging is how much content they include. So a grade 9 in a simpler concept just means that you’re really good at that concept – which is a great start! To get a grade 9 in a GCSE, you need to be that good in most or all of your concepts!

What if I want to study a different qualification?

We’ll be releasing the ability to filter our content by qualification within the next few weeks. So, when you pick a qualification that uses a different grading system, that will be used instead. We will automatically convert all of your scores into grades for you. If you remove the qualification, we’ll automatically convert all your grades back into the 9-1 grading system.