13+ Family Area

Learn, Revise, Assess & Track.

Get My Grades gives students studying towards their 13+ complete freedom to study their course and practise with guidance from our intelligent software and detailed content.

Read more below about how our English 13+, Maths 13+ and Science 13+ Revision tools can help your child to Learn, Revise, Assess and Track their course progress.

Help Your Child Learn

Educational Content

Give your child unlimited access to our ‘Learn’ pages, designed by our team of teachers, subject experts and cognitive psychologists, to help them build deep understanding.

Know what they’re covering

Family members can access our educational content as well, so you can see what your child is covering and even use it to teach them yourself.

Unlimited Access to all Subjects

Your subscription gives your child access to everything for one, simple subscription fee - no extra cost for each subject!

Give Them the Best Support

We ask the right questions

Our intelligent software sets students questions of an appropriate difficulty, and become more challenging as they improve.

Recommended assignments

Our system can recommend assignments to you and the student based on their course progress, strengths and weaknesses.

Connect with existing support

Link teachers, tutors or family members to your child’s account, free of charge, to keep on top of their revision, set assignments and provide guidance.

Track How They Do

Monitor course progress

See how far through their course they are at any time and see exactly what they think they have and haven’t covered.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

We process the data from student assignments to show you where their strengths and weaknesses lie and where to focus.

See when students revise

See when your child revises and how long each question takes them compared to how long it was expected to take.

Be Involved

Perfect for homeschooling

A full suite of resources and questions prepared by subject experts and the ability for parents to co-ordinate their child’s education themselves.

Know when the exams are

Tell us which year your child is sitting their exams and we’ll automatically provide the date and time of each exam along with a countdown.

Set and monitor assignments

You can set assignments and monitor how they get on, reviewing their answers and scores against the mark schemes.

What's Included in My Subscription?


  • English and Maths Key Stage 3, 13+ and GCSE Content.
  • Over 1,000 Learn pages, broken down into manageable 15-minute concepts.
  • Over 30,000 practice questions of different types and lengths, with more added every day.
  • The Get My Grades Platform suggests assignments to maximise your progress.
  • The ability to connect with unlimited Family, Teacher and Tutor accounts for free!

Coming Soon:

  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics Key Stage 3, 13+ and GCSE Content.
  • Ultra-fine tracking data enabling you to spot exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie throughout your course.
  • You pay the same price, even as we launch more features and subjects!

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