Features for Tutors and Tuition Agencies

Get My Grades is an innovative, online learning tool that will allow your students to study towards their Key Stage 3, 13+ and GCSE exams. We have hundreds of ‘Learn’ pages and thousands of questions in each subject, allowing them to learn at your own pace and build solid foundations. Our system constantly tracks how your students are progressing, allowing them to focus your efforts.

World Class Resources

Educational Content

Give your tutors and students access to our educational content, designed by subject specialists, teachers and cognitive psychologists.

Pre-loaded Qualifications

Major qualifications come pre-loaded on our system - students just select their qualification and the required content is displayed automatically.

Extensive Question Bank

Give students access to our large and varied bank of questions that reflect the sorts of questions asked in real exams.

Supporting Tuition

Automated tracking

We collect and process data automatically, displaying exactly how well each student has done in every single topic of their course.

Reduce tutor workload

Tutors can set assignments effortlessly, in just seconds, and review them remotely when students have completed them.

Intelligent software

Our intelligent software automatically sets questions of appropriate difficulty and even recommends assignments based on performance in order to stretch and challenge pupils.

Unprecedented Tracking

Know your students

Give your agency unprecedented data on student performance, from the assignments they are set to their scores in individual topics.

Know your tutors

Without imposing any additional workload on tutors, monitor how each of them are getting on at any time, with any student.

Real-time data for parents

Keep parents updated with their child’s progress in every area of every subject, in real time, so they are informed every step of the way.

Added Value

Set yourself apart

With many hundreds of tuition providers across the UK, use Get My Grades to stand out from the crowd and provide a superior service.

Encourage Tutor Retention

By reducing tutor workload and providing enhanced support, agencies can retain top tutors and deter clients from ‘cutting them out’.

Offer a Deeper Service

By offering Get My Grades to clients, agencies can add substantial value to the service they offer, beyond just connecting tutors.

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