How Does Get My Grades Save Teachers time?

Teacher workload is a very well-known and well-documented issue. According to the Department for Education’s own Teacher Workload Survey (2016), teachers work an average of more than 55 hours per week – which is technically in breach of the EU Working Time Directive limit of 48 hours. From our own experience and anecdotes from many other teachers, we’re aware that some teachers work far more than this.

Education can often be made overly complicated – and it’s easy for teachers to get bogged down with far too many elements at once. We help teachers with their core business of planning, delivering content, facilitating effective practice and tracking student progress, which enables them to save time where it matters. For example, with Get My Grades:

  • Teachers can easily engage in flipped learning, setting reading for students to complete outside of lessons. Our content pages are also suitable for use on an interactive display or projector/screen for clear content delivery during a lesson.
  • Get My Grades enables realistic practice. Students can be set questions on any part of the course in seconds, including questions requiring mathematical notation or written answers. Utilising our adaptive learning technology, they are automatically pitched at the right level for each student.
  • When it comes to marking, students are systematically trained to self-assess using our mark schemes and answer explanations, giving teachers an additional level of insight. Teachers can review student work remotely, even before the lesson it is due in, and add comments and further feedback to specific questions. Teachers can see unprecedented levels of detail – how long students spent on each question, for example.

Teachers are often overworked – and too often the solutions offered to them are designed without a good understanding of what teachers actually need. Get My Grades is designed by teachers, for teachers, helping you and your colleagues save time and enjoy a reasonable work-life balance.

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