How Does Get My Grades Save Your School Money?

Schools in the UK often use up to a million sheets of paper per year and photocopying costs can be up to £60,000 on top of that – about as much as schools spend on all technology products combined. Then there’s the cost of a set of textbooks, which can easily run past £10,000+ and need replacing every 5-10 years (when qualifications are reformed again).

The total full cost for a Get My Grades subscription for a UK secondary school will almost certainly cost less than 20% of the cost of photocopying, with a number of added benefits – assignments can’t be lost, teachers and students have 24/7 remote access, it’s better for the environment and there’s more scope to apply accessibility features (text to speech/colour overlays). Online textbooks can’t be misplaced, left at home, defaced or damaged – and Get My Grades is automatically updated and covers multiple qualifications, so there are no surprise costs if you choose to switch or when qualifications are reformed again.

All of this is in addition to providing instant feedback for your students after every question they answer and constant access to comprehensive online content. Not to mention the fact that fitting tens of thousands of questions into a textbook is rather unrealistic (not to mention how daunting it would be for students!).

We understand school budgets are under pressure. That’s why we provide a range of services as part of your subscription that go beyond the technology itself, to support your school:

  • The Get My Grades platform – content, varied questions, feedback for students, automatic data tracking and adaptive learning.
  • Parental engagement – give them access to meaningful data, without adding to teacher workload.
  • Continuing professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • Opportunities to participate in cutting edge research led by our university partners – with privileged access to research outcomes.

We are educators first and foremost – just like you. We are confident that we will save you money whilst providing you with better resources for students, less workload for teachers and better data for school leaders. Contact us to try Get My Grades for free: [email protected].