How Does Get My Grades Make Accurate Progress Data Available To All?

Get My Grades is the first platform (that we know of) that automatically collects data from questions requiring extended written responses or mathematical notation and collates it to give a view of student strengths and weaknesses, broken down by concept.

Our subject maps are customised for the qualification you’ve selected for your students and display, in detail, where your students are doing well and areas of concern. It’s also transferable as well, so the data follows students from year to year. With Get My Grades, you can see how your students did last year at the end of August, giving you a head start on planning lessons that your students will be able to access and excel in.

One of the important features of Get My Grades is that this granular view of student prior ¬†attainment is not only for you, but for the students and their parents as well. So many students we’ve taught see their role in education as completely passive – they arrive at school, get taught lessons and given work, but they don’t have much of an idea of what they need to cover or how well they’re doing. Even in the best cases, they rarely have more than a single grade for a topic test that may have been a whole term’s worth of work. Students often turn to teachers, family or private tutors for help identifying where they need to focus their revision efforts.

Get My Grades helps students take responsibility for their learning and see, at a glance, where it is they need to focus their efforts. Students can complete assignments on their own initiative to catch up, get ahead or improve their grade.

Parents also have access to real time data – and, because parents can access the content and set assignments as well, they can take a proactive role in their child’s education.

Get My Grades is free to try – and we support you with implementing effective practice across the school, every step of the way. To find out more, simply email [email protected].