How Does Get My Grades Improve Student Results?

Get My Grades has been designed by experienced educators in line with the latest research and best practice in education today.

We believe that the fundamental question for any education product or service should be: does it help students to succeed?

We’ve looked at our own experience as educators and a huge range of research – including some of the very useful evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation’s (EEF) ‘Teaching and Learning Toolkit’ along with evidence from neuroscience and cognitive psychology – to produce a platform that’s based on what really works. There are no gimmicks or fads and we don’t expect teachers to fundamentally change their practice either.

There are three things that are especially important:


  • Effective practice. One of the most important things is for students to practise by completing appropriate tasks. For too long ‘edtech‘ has been dominated by multiple choice quizzing apps, video lectures and online textbooks. However, these are not sufficient to prepare students for exams or life beyond formal education. We need to provide students with a diverse range of appropriate practice to help them develop their understanding.
  • Feedback – at the point of learning. When students practise, they need to know how well they’re doing; they need feedback. Effective feedback is the EEF’s highest impact intervention, with a suggested improvement of +8 months of progress for students. We provide feedback including mark schemes, worked examples, key definitions and explanations after every question on Get My Grades – not just a few ticks and a score a week later. We also allow teachers to add comments to each student response to add further guidance – quickly, easily and remotely.
  • Metacognitive skills. Metacognition and self-regulation is about students’ ability to reflect on and evaluate what they know and where they still need to improve. Developing metacognition is a concept that is poorly understood by many teachers and often not covered by initial teacher training (ITT) or continuing professional development (CPD), whilst being rated by the EEF as the second highest impact intervention with a suggested improvement of +7 months for students. We help teachers to develop students’ self-regulation ability by offering systematic opportunities for self-assessment, review assignments and detailed feedback on student strengths and weaknesses.

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