Samantha Nichols

Samantha Nichols

Head of Operations/Co-Founder

Sam (BSc) spent much of her early career working as a personal assistant, sales and finance executive, and operations manager. She brings her many administrative talents and skills to help everything run smoothly.


Managing Director, Co-Founder, Get My Grades. (London, May 2016 - present).
If it's not Education or Technology, Sam does it! Whatever the day calls for, Sam takes the tasks in hand, keeping the Get My Grades team running smoothly.

Co-Director, Nichols Tuition. (London, September 2014 - present).
Sam helps John by running the operations side of his private tuition business. This includes billing clients, logging reports for agencies, cash flow, expenses and client/agency liaison. She provides personal administrative support in order to make sure their clients get the right support and tuition at the times requested. Sam created the website ( in its entirety and designs all outbound marketing campaigns.

Co-Director, Nichols Education Ltd. (London, September 2014 – August 2016).
Sam played an important role in helping to manage the operations for Nichols Education, coordinating with schools, psychotherapists and teachers. She created the website from scratch and produced all outbound marketing communications for the company including using a broad range of social media. She also implemented a new accounting system and was in charge of all aspects of the administrative side of the company.

Operations Manager, Aztech Apps Ltd. (June 2014 - September 2014).
Sam implemented an online accounting system in order to structure the accounts better. She also improved cash collection processes, produced an investment pitch, and participated in investor meetings. In addition, she implemented a Staff Handbook, along with other HR systems. However, the company was unable to pay her on time or in full, which was her reason for leaving after such a short time of employment.

Personal Assistant to the Executive team and Sales and Finance Executive, Cognia Cloud Ltd. (November 2011 - June 2014).
Sam was the eighth staff member to join Cognia when it was formerly known as Compliant Phones. She worked with the company when it was a start-up as a Sales and Finance Executive. She joined just after the FSA regulations came into effect on mobile call recording in financial institutions, meaning there were piles of half signed contracts everywhere. Over time, Sam created systems to process and store the sensitive hard copies, whilst creating digital versions also. She learnt how to use the billing system with very little help and from then on ran the monthly billing cycle and dealt with all billing issues. In her time at Cognia, Sam built up very good relationships with her billing liaisons from other companies. She also provided personal administrative support to the Executive Team. As well as this, Sam provided a myriad of other clerical and administrative support services, including office maintenance and coordinating two office moves, one from within the City and one to Cognia’s new HQ in Basingstoke.