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How can Get My Grades help your School?

Know your intentions.

Plan your students’ paths to success using Get My Grades.

Make sure everyone knows the plan of action for the year ahead. Using our curriculum sequence builder, decide on the scope and order of content which teachers and students will cover across the three core subjects. Plan effective sequences of content for each term, with a bespoke formative assessment at the end of each sequence.

Implement a rigorous curriculum.

Put your well-structured curriculum into effect across all core subjects.

Using our automatically generated data, you can easily check whether departments are implementing the curriculum fully and effectively as the year progresses. The Get My Grades platform allows teachers to set and review regular whole-class assignments and keep track of which aspects of the course may need more elaboration. Meanwhile, students have access to high-quality resources and regular formative assessments.

See the impact.

Monitor the impact of teaching and learning in your school in real time.

Don’t wait until the end of the year to see (or to be able to demonstrate) how successfully your curriculum has been delivered. Using Get My Grades, you can see exactly what each class or student has covered, when, and how well they have performed. This way, you can identify weaknesses early and put appropriate intervention in place to ensure all students succeed.

Is Your School Part of a Multi-Academy Trust?

The Get My Grades platform allows MATs to oversee and manage every school, core subject, class, and student – all from one place.

Implement a rigorous, well-structured curriculum across your schools’ core subjects and monitor the impact of teaching and learning in your schools in real-time using Get My Grades.