Key Stage 3 English

13+ English

This subject covers material from basic SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) skills to skills to improve your vocabulary and writing. Here at Get my Grades, we are focused on ensuring that you have a solid foundation in English Language by using our subject specialists to share memorable methods, such as noughts and crosses for deep analysis, that you can use from now until GCSE. Getting into these practices and good habits now will put you in a great position for KS4. We are committed to making you the best readers and writers you can be, giving you easy-to-follow introductions into key skills such as analysis and descriptive writing and an in-depth understanding of different text types and their common features so that you are able to tackle anything that is thrown your way.

The content presented is specific to the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum requirements as set by the Department for Education.

Our 13+ English content is a great way to prepare and revise for 13+ exams set by ISEB or individual school entrance exams. In addition, our advanced 13+ scholarship content includes additional higher level content appropriate for scholarship papers at some of the most competitive schools, including CASE (Common Academic Scholarship Exam) and those set by individual schools such as Eton, Westminster, Harrow and St Paul’s. The scholarship content has been collated by top teachers and tutors and covers both comprehension and creative writing.

Our content is also adapted to the IB MYP (Middle Years Programme), supporting students up to the age of 16.

GCSE English

We take you through basic SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) skills onto more complex exam specific skills such as summarising, inference, analysis, evaluation and comparison.

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