Get My Grades will soon be launching our History content, to help students studying towards GCSE exams, the IB Middle Years Programme and 13+ ISEB common entrance exams. Our software will track student progress allowing you to identify strengths and weaknesses and focus your efforts where they are most needed.

Get My Grades will cover all of the most commonly studied periods of history including important themes and events throughout British history, modern history including the causes and consequences of the great conflicts of the 20th Century and a variety of other themes that are commonly included in qualifications (such as developments in military history, medicine, science and culture). In addition, we will cover core skills such as source analysis, essay writing and the ability to answer a question concisely and effectively. Get My Grades aims to ensure that students understand past events and their significance whilst building essential skills in order to give students a robust understanding and confidence in their exams.


The content presented is specific to your exam board, helping you to prepare for the specific exams you will sit. We offer GCSE and IGCSE History on the following exam boards: AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE and WJEC.

IB MYP (Middle Years Programme)

The content presented is specific to the IB MYP (Middle Years Programme), supporting students up to the age of 16.

Key Stage 3

The content presented is specific to the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum requirements as set by the Department for Education.


The content presented is matched to the ISEB 13+ and scholarship specifications, helping you to prepare for your exams.

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