Features To Help You Learn More Effectively!

Get My Grades is an innovative, online learning tool that will allow you to study towards your Key Stage 3, 13+ and GCSE exams. We have hundreds of ‘Learn’ pages and thousands of questions in each subject, allowing you to learn at your own pace and build solid foundations. Our system constantly tracks how you are progressing, allowing you to focus your efforts.


Learn from the Best

Our ‘Learn’ pages explain the subject content in an accessible way, designed by our team of teachers, subject experts and cognitive psychologists, to help you build deep understanding.

Tailored to each Exam Board

You tell us which qualification you are studying and our system will automatically display what you need to know.

Unlimited Access to all Subjects

Your subscription gives you access to everything for no extra cost - and, with interesting links between concepts in different subjects for you to explore in detail.


Revise Effectively

Set yourself revision assignments using our bank of realistic exam-style questions - not just multiple choice.

Intelligent Questioning

Our system will automatically start you off on easier questions when you first cover a topic and increase the difficulty as you get better.

Recommended Assignments

Our system will keep track of your strengths and weaknesses and recommend assignments to help you make the most of your time.


Realistic Assessments

Sit practice papers online using realistic exam questions derived from actual past papers, and mark them with detailed mark schemes and explanations.

Learn what Examiners want

When answering questions, you’ll use real mark schemes with detailed explanations to help you identify how to approach each question.

Review your Assignments

Review how you’ve done on each assignment, including how long you spend on each question, so you can refine your exam technique.


Keep Track of Your Progress

Effortlessly keep track of how much of the course you’ve covered and understood, and what you still need to tackle.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

We will work out how well you understand each concept from the questions you answer, giving you a good idea of where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Know When Your Exam Is

You tell us which year you will sit your exam and we will tell you the date and time for each exam paper, so you know what to revise and when.

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