Features of a Learn Page

All of the concepts are formatted the same on Get My Grades and start with a Summary Box at the top of the page to give you a clear overview of what each concept is about, so you can quickly identify what it is you’re going to learn.
Our interactive Learn pages are written by our subject specialists. They’re not just written to fill an A4 page; they are carefully designed to take approximately 15 minutes to read through and understand, with helpful graphics and videos where appropriate. We’ve taken our understanding of educational theory and research to help you get to grips with difficult content, fast.

One feature of our Learn pages is hover-over definitions. Try hovering your mouse over any orange words you come across if you’re not sure of their meaning!

Another feature of our Learn pages is concept links. By clicking on them, these allow you to build connections between related concepts so you can easily develop strong foundations of knowledge.

What is the Subject Breakdown?

On the Get My Grades Platform, within each subject you will find a Subject Breakdown. The Subject Breakdown breaks your content down into Units, Topics, Subtopics and Concepts, which can be filtered to only display content relevant to your qualification. These short, manageable concepts or Learn pages have all of the content you need to build a strong understanding of the subject.

Once you feel confident in a particular concept, you can mark it as covered and practise it – the platform does the rest, keeping track of how much you’ve covered, where you’ve done well and where you still need to improve.