View our series of English pages on Literary Devices in Fiction and Writing Imaginatively as a taster of our English Educational Content launching soon!

English is rarely covered by online learning platforms. At Get My Grades, we know that around half of the students that seek extra help do so for English. We provide a range of content that helps students to learn basic literacy skills and builds them up to writing creatively, persuasively and enabling students to analyse sophisticated literature and texts. All of our content comes with a range of questions of different types that reflect the sorts of questions that would be asked in real examinations. Each question comes with detailed guidance on the requirements so that students can assess themselves and constantly improve.

Literary devices can be used to great effect in fiction to create an enormous impact on the reader. Similes, metaphors and even the choice of words can make a piece of literature seem much more vivid and alive. It’s really important to know the main literary devices that authors use as, in examinations, students often need to be able to explain how a text creates an impact on the reader and identifying the literary devices used is an important aspect of this. Additionally, students should be aware of using literary devices in their own work to make their own creative writing more engaging and descriptive.

Writing imaginatively is a complex challenge which many students can find difficult. In reality, however, it is something that everyone can learn by piecing together the different skills that contribute towards crafting an engaging and exciting story. This topic helps students to understand how they can approach a creative writing task and would also help them to identify features of a story to improve their analytical skills.

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