The Key Features of Get My Grades

What’s included in a Get My Grades Subscription?

Created for students, parents, teachers, tutors and schools. Suitable for home-schooling programmes.

• Interactive Textbook Content
• Realistic Exam Questions
• Automated Tracking

Designed to cover all content required by:
• 13+ Exams
• UK National Curriculum for Key Stages 3 and 4

Based on the latest research in teaching and psychology including Schema Theory, Cognitive Load Theory and facilitating a knowledge-rich curriculum.

Get My Grades is collaborating with the University of Plymouth School of Psychology (ranked top 20 in the UK) to conduct cutting-edge research.

Over 800 Learn pages for English and Maths alone.

Over 75,000 questions in English and Maths, of different types; preparing students for the questions on real exam papers (not just multiple choice).

Automatically tracks course progress alongside student attainment for the new and more challenging 9-1 GCSEs.

Affordable at just £20 per month or less, with huge discounts for students from less privileged backgrounds or schools.

Includes advanced content that goes beyond the course to enable students to make more informed decisions about GCSE or A Level choices.

Provides cross-curricular links, enabling students to see the relevance of core subjects across the curriculum and in the real world.

Get My Grades is designed by expert teachers and subject experts to inspire students to love learning.

Coming Soon:

‘Adaptive Learning algorithms’, to automatically present students with questions of an appropriate difficulty.

Enables teachers and parents to design their own custom assessments using our comprehensive question bank.

Pioneering character education and life skills content – giving students a practical education on how to manage, live and thrive in the 21st Century.

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