Get My Grades will soon launch a pioneering Character Education Programme, developed in conjunction with teachers and psychotherapists, and tested in a UK school. Character Education is an essential part of a modern holistic education and our programme will teach students how to navigate some of the challenges of life helping to improve their mental health, resilience and relationships. All because healthy, happy students are more important than any other grade – and students are more likely to get higher grades if they are resilient enough to deal with life’s challenges.

Character Education is a term used to describe the teaching of valuable skills in order to help students develop a broad range of positive traits. These include things such as being responsible, caring, and contributing citizens or building initiative, perseverance, and empathy to be successful and contribute positively with in communities.

Character Education for All Ages

The Get My Grades Character Education Programme will tailor it’s content to suit the ages of all students using it across the platform. Once released in 2018, it will be included in your subscription at no extra cost.

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