Get My Grades: Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultimate GCSE Revision Tool for English GCSE, Maths GCSE & Science GCSE.

What subjects do you offer?

In the Spring 2018, we will be launching Get My Grades in English (Language and Literature), Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at GCSE level.

We intend to add more levels from Key Stage 1 – A-Level and subjects such as Geography, History, popular Languages, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning and Computing.

Do you offer A-Level/ IB courses for Sixth Form?
We don’t offer A Level courses yet but we will do soon. Sign up for early access to receive our newsletter with exclusive discounts or follow us on social media to be the first to find out when we launch our new A Level and IB courses.
What does it cost?

Get My Grades is a subscription based service that costs £30 per month – but for that price you get unlimited access to all of our content, in every subject with no added costs. Some websites charge this much or more per subject (with fewer features and less content). This is cheaper than one hour with a reputable tutor and a tiny fraction of the cost of private education, which still wouldn’t normally provide the detailed real-time feedback that we do.

Don’t forget, Get My Grades is a bit like paying somebody to tell you everything you need to know on your course, suggest what to cover next, set you questions of the right difficulty and keep track of your scores for every single concept – imagine how much you’d need to pay someone to do all of that!

Is Get My Grades tailored to my exam board and course?

Yes. When you sign up you can tell us which exam board and qualification you are studying and we will automatically present you with the content that you need to know. We have produced courses for the common qualifications run by AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC and IB Middle Years.

You don’t need to pick a qualification if you don’t want to or you’re not sure – even if you do you can access any of the content on our system at any time. If you need to change your qualification part way through your course, if you’re changing schools for example, then this is very easy to do and our system will automatically remember any concepts you’ve covered that are the same, so you won’t need to start from the very beginning!

I am a student, can I sign up?
Yes you can. You can use the site for free for 7 days, but after that you will need either a parent/ guardian or school to pay for your subscription. During the registration process you will need to identify at least one parent or guardian email address so that we can send them details of how to do this.
Can I give my teachers/ tutors access so they can see how I get on?
Yes of course! Whoever is managing a student account and paying for the subscription can add as many teachers or tutors as they like, for free. Your teachers will be able to see how you get on, set assignments and review how you do.
Does ‘Get My Grades’ offer a grade guarantee?

No we don’t, for two good reasons. Firstly, we cannot possibly do anything about a student who does not turn up for the exam or falls asleep on the desk, so for us to guarantee that you’d do well is not really very honest. Secondly, different students have different targets or expectations in each subject: we allow you to set your own target and minimum grade and track your progress compared to these.

Ultimately, students are responsible for doing the work required to get the grades they want and nothing can change this. We provide the best possible tool to help, based on our extensive experience in education and cognitive psychology, but we cannot do the work for you! No responsible website, school or tutor can guarantee what grade you will get in your final exam but by collecting lots of data about how well you have done in each concept, we can give you the best possible idea.

I am a teacher/tutor, can I sign up?
Yes you can. Teacher accounts are free but you can not add students yourself. Student’s can only be added by a family or Institution Account (School/Agency/Charity). You can, however, sign up for an Insititution Account yourself, and purchase subscriptions for your students.
Do you have different prices for Schools or other institutions?
Yes, we do offer discounts for institutions based on subscriber numbers. Please contact us at

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English GCSE, Maths GCSE, Science GCSE Revision


Key Stage 3

*Exam Boards and Levels that Get My Grades cover.

English GCSE, Maths GCSE, Science GCSE Revision





English GCSE, Maths GCSE, Science GCSE Revision
English GCSE, Maths GCSE, Science GCSE Revision



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